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SRS industry experts each year gather to discuss Captives 101 at a high level... focusing on the ideas of captives and how they are beneficial in many different industries and locations. In this new webinar, Captives 201, SRS experts went into more detail around: 

  • How are premiums calculated?
  • Operational ratios (what to look for in running a captive)
  • Loss reserves & how they work 

SRS experts Colin Robinson (SRS Cayman), Derick White (SRS East), Rebecca Hale (SRS East), and Lionel Tanner (SRS Europe) discussed topics relevant to your captive questions and how a captive can be a solution to a unique challenge your company is facing. 

Get the password to watch the recording of the webinar and reach out to us with any questions! 

Post by Sandra St. Onge
June 19, 2023